1. Teams are responsible for verifying schedules and any changes at the Libertyville Sports Complex.
  2. The staff at Libertyville Sports complex can help with first aid and directions, they cannot help with results of games or schedules.  Please inform your parents not to call the Libertyville Sports Complex requesting tournament information.
  3. The fitness area of the Libertyville Sports Complex and locker rooms is OFF LIMITS please inform you parents and players not to enter or leave through fitness area.
  4. Parking does become an issue every year.  Plan to arrive early
  5. All players will have to have a signed waiver to participate.  Teams need to register together before their first game, arrive early coach needs to have a roster to register players by,  Registration will begin 30 minutes before game time, be prepared and we will get you  in and out and on the court. PLAYERS HAVE TO HAVE AN ANKLE BAND TO PLAY NO EXCEPTIONS!!
  6. Please help by telling parents and players not to wear wet shoes on the courts, Parents and players should walk around courts when they arrive and leave.  The courts are for the players, keeping these clean is a problem.
  7. Teams need to clean up their bench area after every game.  Put trash in garbage cans.
  8. Please leave court as soon as possible after game to allow the next team time to get ready and warmed up.  Hold team meetings upstairs or off the court areas.
  9. Only Tournament Staff can write on or enter scores for games on posted score sheets.
  10. Each game both teams need to decide who is running the clock and who is keeping the book. There should only be one score keeper and one person keeping book at the table.  Score keepers and person keeping book should be 16 years or older unless agreed upon before game by both teams and officials.
  11. We NIGFBA STAFF can only contact directors or coaches that we have up to date contact information on as listed in the coaches/coordinators page on website.  If there is an issue regarding schedules, scores, behavior…. We will contact directors by the given information, and we will need prompt replies.
  12. TOURNAMENT T SHIRTS there are a limited supply of tournament shirts $20.00 each the funds help cover the cost of the tournament.

LASTLY:   This event and league is put together with many board members, and their families donating their time to make this work.  Please respect them by helping out, and being courteous.  Always remember that through these efforts many girls will be able to enjoy a great week of basketball and competition.

Not everyone will win each game, or the championship, but they all can be winners by learning to compete, win or lose each one teaches important life lessons.  The actions we show are the ones that we are teaching.