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Northern Illinois Girls Feeder Basketball Association (N.I.G.F.B.A.) adheres to the rules of I.H.S.A.  Women’s Basketball and By-Laws with the following exceptions and additions:


1.     All games 5th, 6th ,7th & 8th will be played with 7 minute quarters and a 5 minute half time.  All time is to be regulation “stop    clock” basketball. (option: for home team to decide to play 6 minute qtrs. for 5th & 6th grade games, home team must relay their wish before game time to opponent)

2.  Proper  Uniforms & Jewelry

§  Each team will have a white for home games and a dark colored jersey for away games. Or they may wear a light or dark colored pinney in lieu of the missing uniform.  The non-conforming team has the responsibility to supply and wear pinney.

§  Jerseys will have numbers on front and back, numbers do not have to be IHSA approved size or color.

§  Jersey’s may contain a name of a sponsor.  Sponsor patch may not be any larger than 2” x 3” and applied to one side of jersey.

§  No jewelry is acceptable as per IHSA

§  No Wrist Bands are acceptable

3.     Overtime:  There will be three, 3 minute overtimes.  If after 3 overtimes a winner has not been decided there will be a sudden death overtime starting with a jump ball.

4.     Defense:

5th & 6th grade – Man to man defense is the only defense allowed the entire game, Full court pressure may only be applied in the fourth quarter and as long as there is not more than a 15 point lead.

 7th grade – Man to man defense is the only defense allowed for the entire game, and may be used in full court pressure.  ,  Note: A Zone Full Court Defense may be applied up until the ball crosses the half court line.

8th grade – Man to man defense is the only defense allowed for the entire game,  Note: A Zone Full Court Defense may be applied up until the ball crosses the half court line.

If an official notes a violation of defensive rule a warning will be given on the first notice and 2 technical foul shots on the second violation.  Additional 2 shot technical on each subsequent violation, with the other team receiving the ball out of bounds.

Note:  Each player has to guard their player for Man to Man, once the ball is in the lane any player may help.  It will be the official’s judgment that a team is playing   man to man and not a zone defense.     

** “Guarding your player”  this has to be within reason, if an offense spreads the floor to the corners to try and play 1 on 1 there is no expectations that the defense will chase players to the corners, players may sag to the ball.    

 ** Switching every screen is ok but the player has to go with her player until there is a screen to switch, just standing in the blocks saying you are switching is not man to man defense.

Do the Right Thing and teach the kids how to play defense by teaching them man to man!!!                                                                                                    


5.   No Press Rule:  After a Team has a 15 point lead they may not full court press

 5h & 6th Grade teams may only press in the 4th quarter and then as long as they do not have more than a 15 point lead,                    

6.   Sportsmanship: 

§  Each coach is responsible for the actions of their fans, players and assistant coaches.    

§  Unsportsmanlike conduct is not to be tolerated   If an assistant coach, player or fan is ejected from participating or watching a game by the official, the head coach will have to leave the game as well and the head coach will not be allowed to coach in the next game.

§  A parent may fill in as coach to finish game.

§  League tie Breakers will be no more than 15 points (respect your opponent!!)

7.     IHSA Officials

§  Each game is to be officiated by IHSA Certified Officials.  Each game is to have 2 Officials.

§  Officials must be able to supply name to both coaches at the beginning of game by signing the scorebooks of each team.

 If an official is not listed as a certified official in good standing with IHSA the home team will take a loss for that game.

8.   Each Home team is to provide a score book keeper, before the start of the game.  Scorebook keeper must sit at scorers table.  A seat for the visitor’s book may be made available out of consideration.  In the event of any discrepancies with the score, fouls or the like the home book shall take precedence.

Game ball

§  Game ball shall be a 28.5 women’s regulation basketball.  Game ball may be provided by either team as agreed by both teams

9.     3 point shots are allowed.

10.  All players must report to scorers table for entry into game.  Failure to do so may result in a technical foul, as determined by officials.

11.  Forfeiture

§  Forfeiture of a game may result in termination from the league.  If forfeiture of a league game is made the team responsible for canceling the game will be responsible for making up game or accept a loss in their standings. 

§  Team canceling will pay other team for cost of officials  (max. $ 35.00 per official)

12.  All rulings and findings by the director are final.  Appropriate action must be taken by each program as directed by the director or immediate termination and forfeiture of all funds paid to the league may result. The director shall be the interpreter of  Rules and By-Laws.

13.  Home team is to supply a copy of the rules at the scorers table at every game.  Officials are to be made aware of Rules before the start of each game.

14.  Players playing time during any one 24 hour period: A player may play in any portion of up to 6 quarters of basketball per a 24 hour period.  A player may only play up and never down a grade.  If a player plays in any portion of a quarter that counts as one of the 6 quarters they are entitled to play in for the 24 hour period

        Exception is a team playing more than one team during the same day.  Then a player may use the above rule for both games in that same 24 hour period.

During the NIGFBA Tournament a player can only play for one team and one age level.


Remember to report scores!!!


Have fun and help make an enjoyable experience for everyone involved!!