10 ways to kiss

1. Increased sexual tension. If you want your first kiss to be stimulating and stimulating, you need to gradually increase the sexual tension, that is, make him yearn for your plump and soft lips. Go up to him and whisper something in his ear. Just thinking of being so close to him gave him an indescribable feeling.

2. Use a low tone. A woman with a deep voice is extremely sexy and sensual to a man, so use this trick to make your partner dream about your first kiss. When he receives it, he’ll consider himself so lucky that he’ll never forget the moment you gave him the chance to touch your lips.

3. Choose your location carefully. It seems illogical, doesn’t it? What does the location of the first kiss have to do with kissing success? Well, there is a connection. If you choose a crowded place like a public square or a restaurant, one of you may be distracted by the noise or the world around you. As a result, the emotion and experience of the first kiss are no longer so strong as to be unforgettable.

4. Attention to detail. It’s the little things that make the difference between a memorable kiss and the mundane, even uncomfortable. So if you want to remember your first kiss for the rest of your life, keep your breath fresh and your lips soft, not rough like sandpaper. You will see that he will instantly fall in love with your lips and will definitely kiss you.

5. Use language correctly. There are often no rules about what the correct way to use your tongue when kissing your partner is. It has to be how you feel at the moment, but if you need some advice, we suggest you not risk exploring your partner’s mouth at first. A successful kiss starts lightly and follows an upward line that raises your pulse, makes you feel a pleasurable quiver, and makes you feel a strong sense of excitement.

6. Slowly tilt your head to the right or left. Make sure your partner is on the other side. This will prevent you from bumping your head before your lips touch. If you don’t know which direction your partner is going to lean, it’s best to lean to the right.

7. Begin to stroke and press your lips slowly. At that moment, when your partner presses and bites your lip, repeat the motion more intensely, holding your lip in a specific position for a few seconds. If you feel like your partner wants you to do the same, repeat the moves and intensify the kiss.

8. Always keep your eyes closed when kissing. Not only can you focus more on the kiss, but you can also feel more emotions with your eyes closed. Feel all contact more intensely. Also, it’s not good for the other person if they open their eyes after the kiss and you’re already looking at them. He’ll feel like he’s being followed, or he might feel like his kisses aren’t enough for you.

9. French kissing is a sign of true intimacy, and it can also be very passionate. In daily life, there are more chances of kissing without tongue than with tongue. Every time you want to kiss your partner, show your partner that you want an emotional connection, not just a physical one. This way he will feel needed and loved.

10. The lips are tightly shut. This is the kind of kiss you give your grandma or aunt. Don’t open your lips when they meet, but keep them closed. It’s also a great way to tell your partner that’s all they’re getting. It’s also a great kiss goodbye or goodbye when you’re upset.

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