Can you stimulate an erection naturally? Summary of Expert Advice to 2023

In an age of information overload and constant controversy, with so much data and advice pouring in every day, it can sometimes be hard to remember which are reliable sources, which advice is actually useful, and ultimately what to do about it. These uncertainties apply to erectile stimulation as well, there is so much guesswork out there that you may have forgotten what works and what doesn’t.

If you’re in this situation and wondering if it’s possible to stimulate potency naturally and rediscover the magic and lust of sex with your partner, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s take a look back at the top tips from the experts in 2022, taking a brief look back at what will help you boost your potency in a completely natural way.

Focus on cardiovascular health

Any cardiovascular disease can lead to an imbalance in your sex life. If blood isn’t pumped to the penis properly, your erection won’t be as strong and powerful as you want it to be. Impress your mates with extraordinary strength and pumping ability.

High cholesterol, blood sugar, triglycerides or simply high blood pressure can cause many problems for your heart, brain and last but not least penis. Keep your cardiovascular fitness in check to avoid erectile dysfunction and increase potency naturally with optimal body shape.

Watch your weight!

Obesity and anorexia are both factors that have been scientifically proven to be associated with erectile dysfunction. To stimulate an erection and overcome situations of sexual dysfunction, make sure you deal with excess fat, obesity or, conversely, low body weight. Your weight plays a very important role in the quality and satisfaction of your sex life.

Movement is a key factor
Just 30 minutes of daily walking can help increase your potency and reduce your risk of erectile dysfunction by up to 41 percent, according to a Harvard University study. In addition, moderate physical activity can improve sexual performance in middle-aged men by helping to restore energy and libido.

The Effectiveness of Kegel Exercises Is Not a Myth

When the pelvic muscles are strong, the strength of an erection increases, preventing blood from leaving the penile area too quickly, which can lead to a weak erection. With the help of Kegel exercises, combined with a healthy and productive lifestyle, erectile stimulation and a stronger pump at sex parties can be guaranteed.

Incorporate more sources of micronutrients into your diet

Not one, but dozens of studies have shown that nutrition is critical to the quality of sex life for both women and men. However, for men, diet is closely related to erection quality and sex life. When you include more vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables in your diet, as well as fiber and fish, and reduce the amount of processed and fast foods in your diet, you can reduce the likelihood of erectile dysfunction and promote stronger erections. Such a diet supports the healthy lifestyle you need for optimal physical function, blood flow, and sexual activity.

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