Sensational foreplay techniques the way you like them

Men who think foreplay is a huge waste of time are wrong. For her, sensational foreplay is absolutely necessary to achieve even more sensational orgasms. If you skip this stage too often, you’ll set yourself up for frustration and a lot of games with no expected ending. Are you looking for creative ideas for more intense foreplay?

Massage, the best warm up

Massage relaxes, awakens the senses and excites more than any other method. First, massage along the legs, starting at the thigh and ending at the ankle. Then turn your attention to gently massaging the soles of your feet, then your toes. If you like it, finger sucking is an excellent form of arousal for many women.

Quality first and quantity later!

If you pay attention to the quality of foreplay, you certainly won’t mind the actual time spent on this activity. But if you’re always moving like an apathetic robot and don’t put your soul into touching or kissing, she’ll notice and it’ll take her longer to get upset. So do what you love. Don’t you like the feel of the skin on her legs? Look for other fields that appeal more to you. If you love what you do, she will feel and be happy with you.

Always kiss her to keep her interested!

They are eager to finish the foreplay and move on to the next stage. She notices you You forgot that foreplay is for her pleasure, right? If you feel like she’s lost interest, kissing is the surefire way to get her back. A woman feels great sexual pleasure in a hot and passionate kiss. Passionate kissing doesn’t have to mean touching her tonsils with her tongue. Mix tongue play with occasional closed-mouth kisses on the nose, forehead, and even lips.

Pay great attention to sensitive areas!

The clitoris is truly an area that deserves all the attention. However, direct stimulation can be painful and uncomfortable. It’s best to touch the area first (the labia majora and minora have a lot of nerve endings) to create some tension. Also, when you get clitoral stimulation, touch the sides, not the tip. Oral sex experts recommend focusing on the clitoris, but not overdoing it at the same time. The clitoris responds very well to slight teasing. So you can suck a little, lick it, or touch it, but take a break before continuing.

Helpful tips to avoid ejaculation

It takes women an average of 15 minutes to be aroused and orgasm. If you feel like a quarter of an hour is beyond your reach, take the next step. Go as deep as you can and stop before you feel like you’ve reached a limit of no return. Push your pelvic bones in and rock up and down. The move isn’t very exciting for you, but it might be exciting for her, and it also helps you stick with it for longer.

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