The secret to female pleasure under male dominance. Can you control her intimate gratification?

As frustrating as it is that she doesn’t have an orgasm, it’s also frustrating as a man to know that you’re not giving her the sexual satisfaction that every couple craves. But with a few simple tricks, you can completely change the bedroom dynamic and your control over her pleasure. Learn the female pleasure secrets men need to know in order to take control of their partner’s body during their most intense moments of pleasure.

1. Not the foreplay is the key, but the psychological space

Every magazine that passes your hands and even many books on the subject will tell you the same thing: foreplay is key, don’t skip foreplay, it all starts with foreplay. Well, while foreplay plays a very important role, the mysteries of female pleasure run much deeper and extend beyond the play, teasing, and sensual contact in the first few minutes of intercourse.

Instead of focusing on arousing foreplay, focus on creating the optimal mental space. Women are often unable to enjoy sex because they face the same psycho-emotional barriers as men! This is how it all starts long before foreplay. As cliché as it sounds, it’s just as important to create a relaxing atmosphere with classic recipes: candles, incense, a romantic playlist, and maybe even a good chilled glass.

Especially your attitude. When you make her feel really attractive and then seduce her with every compliment, get her heart racing with sexual innuendos, use your looks to undress her, and physically touch her, you’re really set for what’s to come The perfect mental space is created. Only here does the foreplay begin, fiery moments of passionate sex and pleasure leading to orgasms and intimate gratification under your control.

2. Choosing your location is only the first step, the second is realizing its full potential

You probably already know that posture changes the angle of your penetration and therefore your discomfort or pleasure during penetration. Well, it’s not enough just to pick the right location. If you want her to go crazy with joy, the next step is to maximize the use of the chosen position.

For example, if you’re on top and use the trick of putting two or three pillows under her seat to elevate her for deeper penetration, don’t just rely on that. In addition to the forward and backward motion, it also involves circular motion of the pelvis to create more friction. This way, you stimulate every inch of your intimate zone, delivering waves of pleasure. The internet and forums are full of tips for every pose, make sure you use each pose’s secret weapon to make it as sexy as possible.

3. Female pleasure can be enhanced by a boost in libido

Although sexual desire and availability work differently for women and men, there is one thing that male and female desires have in common. That is, they can be stimulated with the help of the right natural extracts. Hormonal balance has a major impact on sexual intercourse quality, mood and libido. Just like men, women’s libido can be boosted with the right substances.

Just as low testosterone can keep men from enjoying erectile sex, the same can happen to women with hormonal imbalances. In addition, a lack of vitamins or minerals can make it difficult for a woman’s body to reach a state of excitement. That is why many remedies to increase libido in women are based on vitamin C, L-arginine, ginseng, ginkgo or maca, natural substances that act like female Viagra and have fascinating properties on female libido.

So at the end of the day, the female body is no different in this regard, and you can safely turn to natural supplements to help your girlfriend reach a more intense state of arousal more easily. Arousal is the key to increasing pleasure. If you want to have that key, make sure he feels every pleasure with the utmost sensitivity, using natural supplements to enhance his intimate satisfaction.

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