Will sexual performance decline after marriage? How To Get Hard Erections And Hot Parties Again

A question that often hangs on the lips of couples is related to the decline or even complete disappearance of the pulse of sex life after marriage. As the decades of marriage pass and you know everything about the people around you, does the magic wear off? Is it true that sexual performance declines during marriage? How do you bring hot sex back into the bedroom to prevent relationship destruction, routine interference, and lack of sexual satisfaction? All these aspects make up today’s topic.

When the magic disappears, history is rewritten

Routine is often to blame for the fading of the passionate and sensual inner flame. When every day and every sexual struggle—or attempt—is the same, all the surprises are lost. Everything is predictable, and in this case it is impossible to live and love with the same passion and emotion as in the beginning. So marriage is not the enemy, nor is it the cause of failed sex. But repeat the same story. Well, when the magic is gone, it rewrites history.

Make an effort to introduce and change the mood of the room. If it’s always the same romantic tone, try something more sensual. If the atmosphere is always rushed, try to take your time and create a relaxed environment. Then work on plots and plots. Discover new fantasies, locations, maybe even role play or toys. Finally change the climax. Bringing the element of surprise into the equation can change the dynamic of the entire story. Results will change.

Let your imagination run wild and try to rewrite each sex match into a new love story. Experiment with different ingredients, try different recipes, ignite passion and excitement, rediscover your body, your desires, and what fills you with excitement, adrenaline and pleasure. Don’t be afraid to fail and try, you have nothing to lose without an active sex life anyway. The only direction you can take is to get better.

Stay sexy

Many women admit that it’s hard to be attracted to your partner when they’re always lounging on the couch, wearing the same baggy pajama bottoms, and watching the same favorite shows. Do you remember how you prepared for the first date, what perfume you wore, what clothes you chose? Surprise your partner by getting ready for her again and keep the excitement of the first date going.

So do they. For a happy marriage and a fulfilling sex life, it is necessary for both partners to continue their personal grooming rituals and work to maintain or even increase their sex appeal. This is how you nourish your desire for intimacy and your passion for each other.

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