1. League format changing for 2017-18
      • Directors have struggled with the lack of numbers for some programs and how to help them
      • The league is committed to pushing and encouraging the growth of programs not individual teams
      • Formation of new division for 2017-18
        The following will be the format change to the league. The intent of new conference is to help keep programs interest in participation, recognizing that every program can from time to time have limited numbers, while others have enough for additional teams at some age levels.
  1. New Division will be called CONFERENCE USA
  2. “B” teams of current programs in the league may enter a team, they may enter one or two teams. Current programs can enter “B” teams every year as long as they are in the league with 6th, 7th and 8th.
  3. A program that has been in the league, and has been in good standing with league but is unable to have a team at 6th-7thand 8th grade, may enter one or two teams. Their continued participation in Conference USA is based on proof of working to get all 3 age levels playing and they may not be in the league for more than 2 consecutive years.
      1. A team may enter a 6th grade team one year and by the time they are in 8th grade not be able to participate in league
      2. “Good Standing” is of the director’s sole discretion based on but not limited to the following of league rules, sportsmanship, attendance in previous tournament games, timely payment and filing of all necessary paperwork.
      3. Age levels may not be balanced within Conference USA teams will have to work with league to get all games scheduled.
  4. A team wanting to enter Conference USA will need to declare their wanting to join and make payment, submit all paperwork one week before seeding meeting. Teams “dropping out” after the cutoff date will not be allowed to join.
  5. Member teams of Conference USA will have to attend a separate scheduling meeting the day before the league scheduling meeting and then attend the regularly scheduled meeting. BOTH MEETINGS WILL BE MANDATORY
  6. Conference USA will not be based on any geographical or conference make up. (there will be additional travel)
  7. Members of Conference USA will be an added division to the league
      1. Standings will be kept and tracked on web site, identical to current format.
      2. Top teams to Championship tournament lower teams to friendship tournament
      3. Teams will pay same fee as existing league fees.
      4. 8th grade teams will not be entitled to an All-Star
  8. New Conference will be on a year to year trial basis
  9. Director will have authority to allow feeder teams to join at his discretion.  Ie; A Team (not in league or may have never been) that wants to join but does not have all 3 teams, but might fill out division.
  10. Director has the authority to limit numbers in Conference USA based on numbers at his discretion