The website was originally built using Dreamweaver and provided several fairly static pages.

The site was revamped in 2006 by Kenny Wickstrom and focused on being able to track game scores and division standings.  Most of the site was written in PHP and backed with MySQL. This provided an extremely efficient method for viewing game results and division rankings, but didn't provide the usability to easily update the textual content.

The site, reworked in 2009, uses Joomla as a framework and has much of the previous incarnation integrated.  Hopefully this will allow the directors with a fairly easy method to update the content and the program coordinators the ability to update their game scores.  The template is based on JoomlaMarket's ( AnotherVista1.5.

In the fall of 2011, the Joomla framework was updated to v1.7.x.  The current template is use is based on SiteGround's Blue Globe.